Welcome to the forest

Introducing Black Forest DB. The only full featured, massively scalable, high performance database with total encryption and zero knowledge of the data.

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What is Black Forest DB?

A truly zero knowledge database. Totally encrypted and completely private. Black Forest DB provides the security you need, the privacy you demand, and the data integrity you expect. That's the power of zero knowledge.


Black Forest DB provides sophisticated security capabilities that applications can leverage including compartmented security labels and trusted user assertions so that applications can protect their users' data.

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Zero Knowledge means just that. Black Forest DB has no knowledge of the encrypted data within it, even when indexing or searching the data. It can never be accessed or decrypted within the database.

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Trusted user assertions, security labels, and zero knowledge indexing all add up to assured data integrity. Feel safe knowing the data you put in is the data you get out, and it's never accessible to anyone else.

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In 2016, the average cost of a data breach hit $4 million and 70 percent of U.S. security executives say they don't have incident response plans in place

No More Compromise

When it comes to databases if you want secure, fast, scalable, you could only pick two. With Black Forest DB you don't have to compromise any longer. Its revolutionary technology ensures you can have all three.


Zero Knowledge

No access to encryption keys. No need. Black Forest's breakthrough technology works with your data wholly in its encrypted form. It will never decrypt your data for any reason, not for indexing, not for filtering, not ever. The database is truly zero knowledge. It simply has no need to know.

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Blazing Performance

With its revolutionary patent-pending zero knowledge indexing and search technology, Black Forest DB queries, indexes, and searches its data faster than any other security-first database.

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Massively Scalable

Black Forest DB provides the flexibility to scale horizontally and vertically. Data can be partitioned many different ways and all on the fly, keeping downtime to a minimum.

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Over 4 billion data records have been breached globally since 2013 and 45% of consumers are more worried about their online privacy than one year ago

The Revolution

Black Forest DB is the first of its kind. A completely zero knowledge database that doesn't sacrifice speed or scale. Totally secure, truly private, incredibly powerful.

Data protection is more critical now than ever before. Give your customers peace of mind knowing their data is safe with Black Forest DB. Don't let the next data breach be yours.

The revolution is here. Welcome to the forest.