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Craxel, Inc. has developed the only full featured, high performance database with zero knowledge encryption called Black Forest DB. The ground breaking idea behind Black Forest DB is that it provides complete privacy and security because it requires no knowledge of the encrypted data it handles.

Zero Knowledge Encryption Black Forest DB has zero knowledge of your data and never has possession of your encryption keys.
Blazing Performance Query millions of encrypted records thousands of times per second.
Full Featured Black Forest DB supports traditional database features including queries, inserts, updates, deletes, and transactions.
Flexible Data Model Our technology provides indexing of fully encrypted data over a wide variety of data types including spatial and temporal.
Compartmented Security Black Forest DB enforces access control based on record by record security labels and digitally signed, trusted user assertions.
Assured Data Integrity With Zero Knowledge Encryption, applications can ensure that only the holders of the encryption keys can modify information.

All data stored within Black Forest DB is encrypted and the database operates without access to the encryption keys. Black Forest DB can index and query the data in its encrypted state using innovative, patent pending features. Data is truly end-to-end encrypted and only ever decrypted by the end-user outside of Black Forest.

The Importance of Zero Knowledge Encryption

Zero Knowledge = Zero Value. Strongly encrypted data is worthless to thieves. Hackers need the encryption keys to extract any value. Hackers can never get the encryption keys from Black Forest DB because it never has those keys. Zero Knowledge is the safest and most secure way to protect your data.